My transition to be a UX/CX researcher (during covid)

I have worked as a UX Researcher on the past.. but that was (before covid). So joining to a new company (a Vietnamese one) and to a new field (Telecom.. I previously worked on Ed/Edtech) was pretty challenging to me (specially during these crazy times!). But I have very good friends who gave me some tips before starting this new position (not only UX but CX). That’s why in return I’m writing this post with the the hope that my learnings will help you somehow.. and if you have any question don’t hesitate in hit me up.

BTW: My main language is not English so sorry in advantage if I make some grammar errors.

New kid on the block:

You are new in this job.. so everything is new to you (you don’t say?) so you want to learn ASAP everything about the company (goals, culture, rhythm of work…) In order of that you want to do some questions to your leader/boss/superior (or the person who hire you) and coworkers as well.

Some questions you might want to ask:

*This might not apply for everyone but I hope this can help some! :)

-What are the expectations on your role? Even though if can be a little bit uncomfortable to ask this, is very important because you need to be aligned with the people you’ll be working with in terms on what are they expecting from you.

E.G: Bonny was hired as an UX Researcher in ‘The best company’ so she would asume she needed to do everything she was doing as an UX Researcher in her last job. BUT, surprise.. the UX Researcher before her in her new job did different stuff or used different methodologies!! So people was used to this.

That’s just one example on why this is important..

-How is the biz/area rhythm of work? (Important for deadlines and to be prepared). This is actually so important to ask.. not everyone works the same.

-Don’t asume.. so if someone ask you to do something (E.G: hey you! I want a Customer Journey Map.. how much time can take? 2 days? Cool!) don’t ASUME that they already know what this task is about or the effort it takes. I’d suggest to kindly ask (no sarcasm) if they know what this is about.. how they have worked on the past.. and explain how is your methodology and the reason why it will take you n amount of time (or just simply can just say a number before gathering more information). This is for the coworkers to empathize with your work :)

-VIRTUAL MEETING WITH VIDEO! VERY IMPORTANT! This is a new time for everyone.. so don’t expect to have the best onboarding ever! In some cases.. don’t expect to have an onboarding at all (true story :’(. ) Don’t take it personally! (This is literally what a friend told me and I’m so glad he did, so thanks Iurii, even tho you’ll never read this lol!) Instead, take the initiative! Ask the people you’ll be working with if they can turn the cameras at least for the first time because you want to know them better and if you can take 5min (depending on how many people) to present yourselves on a more personal aspect.

Research direct related questions

-How the recruitment of people for interviews work?

Please try to ask the earlier you can. WHY? Some companies are pretty smooth with that and it can be easy to do. Other companies are not tho.

Personal experience: In my case EVERYTIME I need to talk with some (3) stakeholders before sending any message because of legal subjects and it can take DAYS just to book some interviews

-Ask how the last you worked! It could save you time to do some tasks :)


Well, I only have 3 weeks on this new job so those were my main learnings/advices I can give you but I’ll be writing what’s new :D Also, I’m working in another posts.

1.Tools that are saving my life

2.My first virtual Brainstorming session.

Thanks and I hope this was useful to you! :)

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