How I learned -as an UX Research designer- that it doesn’t matter where you work at, you are making the world a better place. ✨

Somewhere in Lima, Perú

I. Why I care about making the world a better place to live?

Since I was 17 I have always been trying to make a positive impact in the society by working in achieve sustainable development challenges. The…

I was responsible for a game research (loyalty program). On the first day it had 10,000 active users. 😱 Want to know more? Keep reading!

Company: A Vietnamese Telecom

What they wanted?
Company wanted two things:
1. Increase the clients loyalty by creating a mini videogame within the “CompanyApp”.
2. Get rid…

I know no one wants to say… “it depends” specially when you are the new one. But is usually the right answer. When I started my new job I was so afraid about not saying an specific amount of time. …

I have worked as a UX Researcher on the past.. but that was (before covid). So joining to a new company (a Vietnamese one) and to a new field (Telecom.. I previously worked on Ed/Edtech) was pretty challenging to me (specially during these crazy times!). But I have very good…

Bonny Ferreyra

UX / CX Designer… or something like that

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